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The Colutta Family

sala degustazione
Logo Colutta Gianpaolo

Owned by the Colutta's family, the farm extends with its 25 hectares within the DOP Friuli Colli Orientali area, between the municipalities of Manzano, Buttrio and Premariacco. This territory, extraordinarily suited to viticulture, has its origins in the Eocene era and gives the grapes a particular aroma and intensity.


The noble part of the family boasts an agricultural tradition of over 1000 years, a solid guarantee of excellence and quality.

Doctor Elisabetta Colutta, as her father Doctor Gianpaolo Colutta did, works with enthusiasm and passion, combining tradition with the most innovative techniques in the wine sector.


The structure of the farm dates back to the 1930s, but the roots even go back centuries: Countess Anna di Prampero, mother of Dr. Elisabetta, bequeathed her coat of arms: a shield vertically divided in half and colored of white and blue, which still marks the labels today

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