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The Colutta Family

Amaro d'Udine

Amaro Red e Classico
Etichetta Storica Amaro d'Udine
manifesto amaro

In addition, the Colutta's family produces the historic Amaro d'Udine, an herbal liqueur, the origin of this liqueur, typical of the area, dates back to around 1400 and was born from a recipe of Udinesi friars.

Officially marketing began in 1846 and for a century the Colutta's family has continued the production of this herbal liqueur.


Amaro d'Udine is available in two versions:

-Classic decidedly bitter and low alcohol content

-Red version born in 2010, decidedly lovable and more alcoholic


In 1912 Antonio Colutta to advertise the produced a historic launch of aballoon in the Piazza Libertà in Udine and in the lithographic reproduction of the time (in Liberty style) the event is portrayed


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